Bed_bugs_having_sex_and_their_eggsHaving pests can cause considerable damage to your house and pose quite a nuisance in any home. Having pests in your house can be terribly embarrassing and one needs to be aware of the common pests that can cause a lot of damage not dealt with effectively. There are different types of pests living in our homes some of which are devilishly difficult to totally get rid of without a professional help. The following are 5 of the most common house pests found in the average persons house:

Every body has had a problem with roaches in their homes. Roaches are known to enter homes through cracks on walls drains and sewer lines. Roaches are devilishly difficult to get rid of and can cause an appreciable harm to human beings. Not only roaches spread diseases to human beings but also cause a lot of damage to clothes and property. To get rid of roaches try exterminating them using various pesticides.

Another pest that is known to cause a lot of nuisances is the house Gecko. These tiny reptiles are normally seen during the night. They cause a lot of nuisance in the home because of how big some of them are. Geckos usually eat insects; therefore, to get rid of them try getting rid of their food and you are assured that they will no longer pose any threat.

Rats are also a common house pest in any home. Rats can be so embarrassing due to the fact that they are associated to dirty places and thus can give an impression of a dirty home. Rats can cause considerable damage to any home since they are known to chew on clothes and electrical wires a fact that can cause fires in the home. Rats are also known to spread diseases that can cause a lot of harm to human beings. To get rid of rats try using traps or poisoning them. For a heavily infested home try calling an expert.

Wasps and Bees can also cause a lot of harm to both children and adults alike. These flying insects mostly make their homes on garage doors and poorly lit areas in your home. They can cause serious bodily harm especially to little children and can be quite a nuisance. These creatures are known to be fearfully aggressive and can go to any length to protect their territory You should never try getting rid of bees or wasps on your own since you risk serious bodily harm. Always get the help of an expert to get rid of these pests.

The last pest that is common to any home is the spider. Some can be poisonous and highly lethal to human beings while some just pose a nuisance to humans. Some such as the black widow are fouling in the home and cause a lot of harm to humans due to its lethal sting. If you are uncertain about what kind of spider you are dealing with, call an expert in order to avoid being stung by one of the poisonous kinds. Ensure that the house is kept clean and get rid of any cobwebs.

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