Garden Pests and Preventive Measures beautiful garden adds the elegance and beauty of your house. Lots of work is necessary to keep the garden clean and looks neat. Both flower garden and vegetable garden requires a lot of care and attention. There are some weeds and animals which hinders our garden care. We have to be extremely careful as a single attack from them can produce long term harm to our garden. Given below are the common garden pests and the way to deal with them using some very effective methods provided by Pest Control Mississauga.

Spider Mites : Spider Mites are small creatures, which have their habitat under the leaves and feed on the plant. They will get highly adapted to chemical pesticides and I recommend using organic pesticides. We can easily prepare an organic pesticide using garlic and stinging nettle.

Cutworms: These are actually larvae of moths. They are dangerous to the life of the plant as they eat leaves, stem and root. It is exceedingly difficult to control cutworms as for them night is always young. They usually stay under the mud in the day time and starts eating plants in the night. The one and the only way to get rid of these creatures are to cultivate the soil before snowfall and expose them, so that birds which feed on Cutworms will take care of these plant eaters.

Cats : Cat is one of the most lovable pet in the earth. But imagine this lovable pet spoiling our most precious garden by using the place as a toilet. There are no ways to keep cat out of the scene. The only solution is to build a fence so that a cat can not enter the garden.

Aphids: This is the most common of all garden pests. We can easily identify a plant that is attacked by aphids by having a look in to leave. The leaves will be twisted, and there will be black dots in the stem. There are several insecticides available the market which can be used against aphids. But I recommend the usage of organic pesticides because long term usage of chemical pesticides is harmful for both plant and human. There is also a chance that, Aphids will get adapted to the chemical pesticides. We can easily prepare an organic pesticide using nettle spray, vegetable oil and

White Fly : These flies eat plant saps, which can cause serious damage. Lemon balm infusion is the most appropriate way to get rid of these flies.

Beetles : This can be considered as the most irritating among the garden pests. They make holes in the leaves which affect the plant during photosynthesis. But there is tremendously less chance that the plant will get killed. Chemical pesticides are the only solution to get rid of Beetles, but personally, I would not encourage usage of chemicals as this may cause long term harm to the eco system. Also, these beetles are not that musch dangerous like other pests.

Always remember, these pests are also part of the eco system. So try to avoid chemical pesticides and use organic pesticides for a better tomorrow!

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